Hong Kong Share Real-time Quote Charges

Web Trading System eWinner
  《PerQuote》per time quotation Streaming 
Service Charges HKD0.05 per quotation Maximum charge per month: HKD280 HKD280 per month For Mainland (PRC) citizen, HKD140 per month (only limited to citizens who hold ID card issued by PRC and login the system in the Mainland area; if clients login the system outside the Mainland area, monthly charge will be counted as HKD280) *Service period less than one month will also be counted as one month
Service Charges Collection Date The last business day of previous month (Service charges will be deducted from your trading account)
Exclusive Offer to Clients*  200 times free real-time quotation will be granted to new internet trade applicant during the month application is accepted. 100 times free real-time quotation will be granted to every executed transaction made via Web Trading System and be effective immediately. Remaining free quotation of the month can be carried forward to next month. We offer comprehensive services but charge for one price. Service charges will be waived for clients with a turnover amounted to HKD500,000 or above in HK stock market via eWinner (PC version) and eWinner Plus (iOS and Android version) within the month.
*Unlimited real-time quotation of Web Trading System will be also be granted to the designated eWinner user in addition 
Service Charges Details
Real-time Quotation Charge Applicable Period: 09: 00 ~ 12: 15 13: 00 ~ 16: 15
During the charge applicable period, every real-time quote will be deducted from the free quotation, and HKD0.05 per quote will be charged when no free quota reamins in clients' trading account. Maximum charge per month is HKD280.

For non-chargeable period: NO deduction of free quota and NO service charges will be incurred.

Fixed monthly charge
Real-time Multi-stock Quotation  For real-time multi-stock quotation, service charges per quotation for a group of 10 stocks will be counted as quotation of 10 individual stocks. (i.e. 10 x HKD0.05) Fixed monthly charge
15-minutes Delay Stock Quotation Free of charge
* Service charges will be incurred after eWinner or Web Trading System has been activated. The last calendar day of each month will be the billing cutoff date, with service period less than one month will also be counted as one month.

Example: The last calendar day on February is 28th. If a client activates eWinner or Web Trading system on 28 February, service charges for February will also be incurred. We recommend clients to activate eWinner at the beginning of a month.

Rules for change of quotation basis:
X = Charges incurred by 《PerQuote》, HKD0.05 per real-time quotation, maximum charge for the month is HKD280
Y = Fixed month charges incurred by eWinner, HKD280 / HKD140▲
(If you wish to unsubscribe eWinner, please mail a formal written notice to Yuanta Securities (Hong Kong)Company Limited ("YSHK") and the process will take 3 working days).
Action of Change (Can be Changed by Client on Web)
From To Service Charges for the Current Month
PerQuote eWinner Effective immediately X + Y
eWinner Effective next month X
eWinner PerQuote Effective next month only Y
*Note: The exclusive promotions are subject to changes. YSHK reserves the right to amend the aforesaid offer without prior notice. Please refer to the YSHK website for the latest information. 
You can bring the following documents and come in person to YSHK office or branches to open your account:
  1. Identity proof
    (ID card or valid passport)
  2. Residential address proof
    (Public utilities bills, bank statement copies or / and documents issued by departments of the Hong Kong Government)
If you are opening a Corporate Account, please refer to the check list below: