Trading & Transaction Details of Hong Kong Futures 
Morning session
Pre-market Opening Session*
8:45 am – 9:11 am For Limit Orders and Auction Orders (AO) only, orders may be modified and cancelled
9:11 am – 9:13 am For Auction Orders (AO) only, no modification or cancellation of orders 
9:13 am – 9:15 am Open Allocation (No input, modification or cancellation of orders)
Trading Session
9:15 am – 12:00 pm For Limit Orders only
Afternoon Session
Pre-market Opening Session*
12:30 pm – 12:56 pm For Limit Orders and Auction Orders (AO) only
12:56 pm – 12:58 pm For Auction Orders (AO) only, no modification or cancellation of orders
12:58 pm – 1:00 pm Open Allocation (No input, modification or cancellation of orders)
Trading Session
1:00 pm – 4:15 pm For Limit Orders only
Market Close Session
Trading Session
5:00 pm – 11:45pm For Limit Orders only

*Pre-market Opening Session is applicable to Hang Seng Index Futures, Mini-Hang Seng Index Futures and H-shares Index Futures only
  Trading hotline: (852) 3555 7813
Accept Limit Orders, Market Orders, Fill or kills (FOK) Orders, Fill and Kill (FAK) Orders and Good till Cancelled (GTC) Orders.
Trading Procedure 
To minimize execution time, please read out the following data in sequence when trading via phone: 
  1. Client Name 
  2. Client Account Number 
  3. Contract Month 
  4. Contract Name: (e.g. HSI, HSI XX Call Option, HSI XX Put Option, MHI, MHI XX Call Option, HHI, HHI Option, etc. (XX refers to contract month) 
  5. Buy / Sell
  6. Price 
  7. Quantity

Margin Requirement  
HKEx will adjust the margin requirements for futures contract and/or options contract from time to time according to market conditions. For details or margin requirements, please visit
** Clients must maintain sufficient funds in Futures account in order to fulfill margin / premium requirement before trading.  

With the maturity of financial products worldwide, YSHK is committed to generate more investment opportunities for investors by launching overseas futures trading services. In addition to the Hong Kong market, investors can trade in different futures markets and conduct various trading and hedging activities.

Overseas Futures Trading Platform
YSHK SP Trader Futures Trading System

Main features of SP Trader:
  1. Professional chart analysis  
  2. Flexible user-default interface 
  3. Multi-language interface (Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese /  English )
  4. System application - without wasting time on web response 
  5. One-stop trading platform - offering a wide range of futures  products from Hong Kong to worldwide markets
  6. Fast trading speed and free real time price quote 
  7. 24-hour trading service support 

☆ Download YSHK SP Trader
* To login YSHK SP Trader, please set the login screen according to the followings: 

  1. Host:
  2. 2nd Host:
  3. User ID: Client's account number (e.g. 123456F001)
  4. Password: Initial login password will be the first 6 digits and/or alphabets of client's ID or passport number (e.g. A12345)
    (For security reasons, please change your password as soon as you first login) 
24-hour Trading Hotline: (852) 3555 7799

Pause-period for all trading platforms of Overseas Futures:
Every business day 04:30 – 06:00 (Hong Kong Time) (Summer Time) 
Every business day 05:00 – 07:00 (Hong Kong Time) (Winter Time)
Every business day 05:30 – 07:00 (Hong Kong Time)

Types of Futures Contracts
Financial Futures: Bonds / Notes, Interest Rate Futures, Stock Index Futures, Foreign Exchange Futures...
Commodity Futures: Grains amd Exotics Futures, Metal Futures, Energy Futures, Commodity Index Futures...

Financial Futures
Bonds / Notes  U.S. Treasury Bonds Futures 30 Year, U.S Treasury Notes Futures 10 Year, 5 Year and 2 Year 6% coupon rate for CBOT Treasury and Note Future... 
Interest Rate USD Interest Rate, Euro Interest Rate, HIBOR... 
Stock Index S&P500, Nasdaq100, Dow Jones, Nikki225, Hang Seng Index...
Foreign Exchange GIO Currency Pairs, Emerging Market Currency Pairs...

Commodities Futures
Grains & Exotics  Corn, Soybeans, Wheat...
(Price affected by Yields and Weather)
Metal Gold, Silver, Platinum, Aluminum...
(Gold Price affected by the demand of China, Japan and India, and also the exchange rate)
(Price of copper, Silver and Platinum mainly affected by industrial demand)
Energy  Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Electricity...
(Price of oil is affected by the quota imposed by OPEC(Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) and seasonal reason  
Commodity Index  CRB Index, GSCI Index (Goldman Sachs Commodity Index)

Major Futures Exchange
At present, major futures exchanges are located in US, Europe and Asia. The US futures markets is the one of the most active markets in the global futures market including major indexes including Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S&P. These indexes often serves as the leading indexes among investors. In addition, products such as energy, agricultural products, metal and bonds is the most preferred investment tools for investors.

YSHK provide trading services of products offered by futures exchanges listed below:
U.S  Asia 
Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) Hong Kong Future Exchange (HKEX)
New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) Singapore Exchange  (SGX)
Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)  
ICE Futures US (ICE)  

Contract Month Code for Futures:
Contract Month  Cide Contract Month Code 
January  F July  N
February G August Q
March H September U
April J October V
May  K November X
June M December Z

Instructions on settlement of overseas futures contracts:
Physical deliveries of futures contracts are not applicable to all commodities that trade in YSHK. 

To avoid physical deliveries in expiring commodity futures contracts, customers must roll forward or close out positions prior to a Close-Out Deadline. If a customer has not closed out a position in a physical delivery futures contract by the Close-Out Deadline, YSHK may, without additional prior notification, liquidate the existing positions of the expiring futures contracts.

Standard Close-Out Deadline:
Contract  Close-Out Deadline
CME Live Cattle (LE) Longs: End of the 2nd businss day prior to the 1st intent day
Shorts: End of the 2nd business day prior to the last trading day
CBOT 30 Year Treasury Bond (ZB)
CBOT 10 Year Treasury Note (ZN)
Longs: 2 hours before the end of open outcry trading on the business day prior to 1st notice day
Shorts: 2 hours before the end of open outcry trading on the business day prior to last trading day
All other contracts  Longs: End of the 2nd business day prior to the 1st notice day
Shorts: End of the 2nd business day prior to the last trading day

Stock options are widely used in the financial market today. Its most attractive features include high leverage and flexibility, which help investors to achieve various investment goals in different market conditions.

Stock options are financial contracts based on single underlying stocks, which are traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and cleared through the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. In a stock option contract, only a small portion of capital is required when investing in its underlying shares. Regardless of different market conditions, investors will have the opportunity to gain a substantial return with appropriate investment strategies.

Notes for Account Opening
  1. Clients have to open a Securities Cash Account or a Securities Margin Account at the time of opening a Stock Options Accounts.   
  2. For opening a Stock Options Account, please read the Terms and Conditions for Securities / Futures / Stock Options / Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading Accounts (only English version is provided) carefully. 

Trading Hours
Morning Session   9:30 am - 12:00 nn 
Afternoon Session 13:00 pm - 16:00 pm 

  (Remarks: Closing time of Stock Options for half-day trading will be 12:00nn )

Stock Options Trading Platform
YSHK SP Trader Trading System

Main Features of YSHK SP Trader:
  1. Professional chart analysis  
  2. Flexible user-default interface 
  3. Multi-language interface (Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / English ) 
  4. System application - without wasting time on web response 
  5. One-stop trading platform 
  6. Fast trading speed and free real time price quote 
  7. 24-hour trading service support  
☆ Download YSHK SP Trader

To login YSHK SP Trader, please set the login screen according to the followings:
2nd Host
User ID Client's account number (e.g. 123456F001)
Password Initial login password will be the first 6 digits and/or alphabets of Client's ID or passport number  (e.g. A12345)
(For security reasons, please change your password after your first login)

Stock Options Margin Table
Please visit the website for Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited:

Enquiry Hotline : (852) 3555 7878