Our online trading platform eWinner has comprehensive functions and has Traditional / Simplified Chinese interface, which is applicable to Traditional / Simplified Chinese Windows users. You can trade freely on the internet and enjoy our real-time stock quote service. At the same time, eWinner has various financial information and technical analysis tools, which can help you grasp global investment trends at all times.

Features of eWinner 
  1. One-stop Online Trading Platform
    eWinner provides customers with an one-stop stock quote and order placing online trading platform, and posseses various advance features, enabling customers to gain access to information in the market and stock prices.
  2. High Stability 
    We actively understand customer needs by conducting continuous research and improvments on the online trading system, aiming to provide a online trading system with high stability and order placing and stock quote functions.
  3. Quick Order
    With the quick order function, a few steps is only required from obtaining stock quote to placing order, helping customers to complete the process in the most efficient way and grasping the transaction timeliness.
  4. Grasp Market Trends
    With various advanced features, customers can under the price movements and trends of different stocks by obtaining information on buying / selling brokers instantly, trends of different stocks, individual stock analysis and market information.
  5. Personalized Trading Platform
    eWinner adopts the real-time streaming quote system in which customers can access daily transactions and portfolio holdings information to help them review their investment status. Customers can customize the contents by choosing their personal settings such as self-pick stocks, quotes and order placing settings etc, allowing customers to gain a clearer picture on their account and trading information.
  6. Easy to Download
    The installation of eWinner adopts the application format, in which customers can directly use eWinner by downloading the installation software for the first time. This program has more extensive features than other commonly used computer software, and has faster speed of updating the layout and settings.

Download "eWinner"

Name of software eWinner PC版
Language Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese only
Operation System MS Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/WIN7 
CPU PIII-500 above
Brower Internet Explorer 9.0 or above
Memory 512MB above
Display Resolution Best display for 1280x1024 on 17" LCD monitor

01. How to ensure that the personal information of customers will not be leaked during the net transmission process?

To ensure all online trading activities can be conducted in an extremely safe environment, YSHK has adopted the following measures: 
  1. Independent Trading System
    The intranet and trading system of YSHK are completely independent of each other, so as to prevent unauthorized staff to gain access to customers information. Authorized users will also go through rigorous control and password authenication in order to have access to the online trading system.
  2. Encrypted Security System
    YSHK trading system adopts the verification encrypted system, which is the highest standard in the modern business world. All transaction details will be encrypted in the YSHK trading system to ensure the utmost safety of personal and financial information of customers.
  3. Password Authentication
    If the system only provides information verfication and lacks certification system, customers may be deceived by fake website and supplied their personal information. As our Company provides user ID verification system to verify customer's identity, the possibility of information leakage is minimized.
  4. Timeout Operation Mechanism
    To further protect customer information, eWinner has settings which enables customers to freely adjust their preference regarding automatic log out. eWinner has a operation timeout mechanism, in which you can set how long eWinner will automatically log out when it is idle (maximum: 300 minutes), or you can choose never to log off. When eWinner timeout mechanism has been triggered, users will have to re-login in order to prevent security vulnerabilities such as prompting others to use your account without your authorization.

02.  How to activiate eWinner?

  1. Open "Securities" section of the YSHK website http://www.yuanta.com.hk/finweb/CH/AAStockSecurities/securities.aspx
  2. Click on the "Activate eWinner" tab on the left:
  3. Please read throught the Risk Disclosure content and click "accept". If you wish to cancel the activation process please click "I do not accept".
  4. Please enter your user ID and password and click "confirm" to start the activation process, or click "cancel" to stop the activation process.
  5. Notes for Activation:
    eWinner Account Format: (●●●●●●S000●●●●●●M000) (● =  numbers)
    For first-time users: Use the password in the attachment
    Current users of the online trading system: Use your original password
    The account will be locked if the password is incorrect for three times
    After the activiation process, eWinner can be used after 3 minutes and service fees will be charged

03. What are the charges for eWinner?

The monthly charge for eWinner information delivery is HKD280 (HKD140 for PRC citizens) and YSHK reserves the right to adjust the charges, but will announce the updated fee schedule on the homepage of our corporate website http://www.yuanta.com.hk. The monthly charge of eWinner will be deducted from your YSHK Securities Account at the first working day of next month, and the deduction amount will be recorded in your account and monthly statement. Please click here for details.  

04. My account does not have sufficient funds to pay the eWinner monthly free, will my eWinner be deactivated immediately?

Yes, the failure of fee deduction will lead to a deactivation of your account temporarily in the next day. When you have paid the eWinner monthly charges and inform our Company, your account will be reactivated. We recommend you to maintain a certain level of deposits in your YSHK Securities Account to prevent inconvenience that it may cause.  

05. Why should I choose eWinner?

Please click here for details.

06. If I want to change my password, is there any particular restrictions on the password format?

User password must consists of alphabets or numbers with a length of 8-12 characters and minimum of two numbers and two alphabets.

07. Where can I view the user guide of eWinner?

Please login eWinner and choose [Instruction] -- [User Instruction]. 

08. Can eWinner place pre-entry orders?

Yes, you can place pre-entry orders after 4:30pm and insert the information required for entrust. The aforesaid transaction instruction will be delivered to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange before the opening session at 9am sharp on the next day.

09. How can I know the reasons for failure if I failed to place orders through eWinner?

Please contact our Customer Services Hotline 3555 7878 for assistance.

10. Can customers check their transaction records in eWinner?

 Yes, please login eWinner and select "Account Enquiries" - "Download Billing Statement" and the system will show you the latest daily and monthly statement information for you to view and download. You can also check your past transaction history in the "Past Transaction History" section.

11. I have subscribed for eWinner service, can I continue to use online trading services?

Yes, customers who subscribed for eWinner services can also enjoy the services of eWinner Web Trading version, PC version, iOS version and Android version at the same time, enabling customers to search for quotes and trade.

12. When I place order in the online trading system, can my order history be viewed in eWinner?

Yes, to faciliate customers to view their transaction history, your transactio history can be displayed simultaneously in eWinner (Web Trading version, PC version, iOS version and Android version).

13. If I have recommendations regarding eWinner, how can I propose it?

You can leave a message in the Recommendations column in Help Section in the system or email to HK.Services.brk@yuanta.com. After receiving your recommendation, we will pass it to relevant departments to follow up.

14. Will eWinner automatically perform updates?

Yes, every time when you start eWinner, you do not need to download any software updates and eWinner will automatically detect the updated software and perform updates to ensure that you are using the latest version.

15. Will eWinner log out automatically after a period of account inactivity?

No, eWinner has been preset never to log off automatically. eWinner also has a operation timeout mechanism, in which you can set how long eWinner will automatically log out when it is idle (maximum: 300 minutes), or you can choose never to log off. When eWinner timeout mechanism has been triggered, users will have to re-login in order to prevent security vulnerabilities such as prompting others to use your account without your authorization. For users which have preset never to log off, our Company recommends users to log out their accounts before 9:00am at each trading day and re-login in order to ensure the system is running smoothly.

16. What PC requirements do I need for eWinner?

Softward eWinner PC Version
Language Simplified or Traditional Chinese
Operating System MS Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/WIN7 
CPU PIII-500 or above recommended
Browser Ie6.0 or above
Memory Requirements 512MB or above
Network Internet
Resolution 1024*768 recommended,1280*1024 recommended for 17-inch LCD screen

17. Can I use eWinner if I have firewall in my network?

If your network has firewall devices, eWinner may not be able to connect. We recommend you to ask the IT department of your company to apply the following settings on your computer: Winsocket transmission direction: Inbound TCP Port: 80 <-- Support HTTP data transfer. Also, please ask your firewall administrator to unlock IP Address management. If you are inconvenient to conduct the above measures, we recommend you can use the dial-up method to use eWinner.

18. How can I ensure my eWinner account not to be used by others?

  1. Please change your password after your first login to eWinner.
  2. Change your password regularly.
  3. Do not use password who can be easily known by others e.g. your birthday, phone number etc. You should use a combination of capital and non-capital letters with a mixture of numbers. 
  4. After using eWinner, please log out and shut down the system.
  5. Do not write down or disclose your password to others.
  6. Do not let anyone use your password. 
  7. Do not leave the computer when you are using eWinner, or else others may gain access to your account information easily through your companies.