China B Shares
Encoding Rules for Chinese Securities
China B Shares 2XXXXX 9XXXXXX
China A Shares 0XXXXX 6XXXXXX
  1. Choose "Shanghai B Shares" or "Shenzhen B Shares" during transaction and enter the 6-digit security code.
    Letter such as "PT" and "ST" precede in some shares abbreviations, in which both are high-risk shares. 
  2. 「PT」stands for Particular Transfer, which are transferral services offered to shares which suspended their listing. The transaction data is not included in market statistics and trading is only allowed every Friday at a designated time
  3. 「STstands for Special Treatment, which appears when listed companies recoreded a loss for two consecutive years or asset value per share lower than its face value.

Trading Currency
  1. Shanghai B Shares = USD
  2. Shenzhen B Shares = HKD
Trading Units 
  1. Shanghai B Shares: 100 shares per  lot 
  2. Shenzhen B Shares: 100 shares per  lot 
  3. Those less than 100 shares are considered as odd lots. Odd lots can be sold only.
Trading Hours for China B Shares 
  1. Pre-Opening Call Auction Trading Hours: 9:15 - 9:25am 
  2. Continuous Auction Trading Hours: 9:30 - 11:30am and 1:00 - 3:00pm
B-Shares Price Limit Mechanism
  1. Except for shares listed for the first day, the transaction price change of each stock as compared to the closing price of previous trading day cannot exceed 10%.
  2. The rise limit of "PT" shares is 5% weekly, and there is no fall limit.
  3. The price limit of "ST" shares is 5% daily.
Please note the following points before trading: 
  1. B shares trading does not have security deposit (margin financing).
  2. Currently the SZSE and SSE are implementing the T + 1 Swing Trading System. i.e. B shares purchased cannot be sold on the same day.
  3. There is no short selling in the B shares market.
  4. YSHK does not have A & B shares trading services.
  5. Online trading platform does not have B shares quote service, information provided is for transaction purposes only.
Trading Method: Customers can trade China B shares through phone trading service.
  1. Phone Trading Service
    Trading Hotline: 3555 7770 / 3555 7771