Wonderous Life Plan

Getting married is an important milestone in life, which symbolize perfection and romance, therefore a perfect and memorable "Dream Wedding" is of prime importance. However, many couples are wondering how to save money to pay for the wedding expenses.

ESDlife - the No.1 wedding information website in Hong Kong conducted the "2012 Wedding Expense Survey" and successfully interview 1,768 couples which have planned their marriage in 2012 - 2014 to gain more information on their expenditure and consumption patterns.

The survey revealed that the average wedding expenditure marked a record high , in which the average expenditure soared 35% from $209,298 to $282,317 from 2007 to 2012.

Wedding Expense 
Item Expense Average Cost (HKD)
Wedding Banquet $147,173
Honeymoon Trip $34,339
Photography $20,969
Wedding Ring and Jewellry $43,323
Others (include wedding dress purchase or rent, wedding photography and video, makeup and hair) $36,513
Total $282,317
*Source: Wedding ESFLife Website《2012 Wedding Expense Survey》

Welcoming a New Family Member
Besides taking a lot of effort and time, a lot of financial input is needed in raising children. After several financial turmoils, expectant parents are more cautious in family planning. If you choose to give birth to your baby in Hong Kong private hospitals, the expenses from pregnancy to the first year after the baby is born amounted to over HKD170,000!

Estimated Expense for First-year
Item Expense  Average Cost (HKD)
Caesarean Delivery Service (Hong Kong Private Hospitals)* $40,312.5
Childbirth and Delivery Cost  $25,000
Medical Expenses and Antental Checkup $20,000
Postpartum Recuperation $6,000
Baby Food (Formula) $11,500
Baby Food $22,000
Family Assistant (include application fee and insurance) $50,420
Total  $175,232.5
*Source: Maternity Package Fee Schedule of 10 Private Hospitals in Hong Kong (Updated on 8 May 2012)

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